Exam Types

There are three exam types which could be included in an end point assessment. These are:

  • An exam
  • Scenario-based questions
  • A situational judgement test

Any of the above can be sat by your candidates using our secure locked-down application. We call it theĀ EDPoint Assess App.

The application is easily downloaded from the learner dashboard, and using their own unique logins, candidates can sit the exam within a specific time frame.

As soon as the candidate starts their exam, the app locks down their screen. This means that the individual cannot close the window without shutting down the application, and therefore ending their exam.

An Exam

Our flexible exams can include a wide range of options, including free text, and drag and drop slides.

Scenario-Based Questions

Questions that ask the candidate to describe how they might reply to a hypothetical situation in the future. EDPoint Assess allows you to create a scenario-based exam, with many different styles of questions, to accurately test a candidate’s response.

Situational Judgement Tests

Where an individual has to answer factual questions within a multiple choice layout. This test has to be done in measured conditions. EDPoint Assess allows you to build an exam consisting simply of multiple choice questions, and assign this to any candidate on the platform.

The EDPoint Assess platform allows a user to assign both types of coursework-based assignments for inclusion in any end point assessment.


A portfolio of evidence is used by a candidate within EPA to demonstrate competence, skills, knowledge and behaviours which meet the standards of their apprenticeship. EDPoint Assess allows candidates to upload unlimited portfolios onto the platform. The work submitted by the candidates come directly through to an end point assessor, who then has the ability to view, annotate, mark and submit the evidence against the relevant criteria.


CPD Logs are used within end point assessments to track the professional development of a learner. A learner uploads a CPD log in order to document the skills, knowledge and experience they have gained/are gaining through their apprenticeship. EDPoint Assess allows a learner to easily upload their CPD Log with a click of a button. The CPD Log then tracks through straight to an end point assessor, who from this can view, annotate, mark and submit the evidence against the relevant criteria.