Training Providers

Within each awarding organisation, a training provider can have their own unique account. This account enables the training provider to do a number of things.


A training provider can continually track the progression of any of their apprentices. The tracking process gives the training provider an overall progress bar, with the areas an apprentice has completed and areas yet to be covered within the end point assessment.

Create Businesses

Businesses can be created and apprentices can then be connected to the appropriate employer. This assists the training provider to organise learners per business. From this, business logins can be generated, giving the employer an opportunity to view and track their apprentices.

Upload Learners

Through EDPoint Assess’ unique platform, training providers can upload all their learners using our bulk candidate uploader. Training providers are supplied with a template that, when downloaded, gives the user the opportunity to upload all learners in a single action. This saves training providers both time and money by eliminating the need to upload apprentices one by one.